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  • SF4 (Sulfur tetrafluoride)

    CAS: 7783-60-0 fineness: 99%
    use:The most effective selective organic fluoride can selectively fluoride base and hydroxy groups (instead of oxygen containing base compounds)...
  • DAST

    CAS: 38078-09-0 fineness: 95%
    use:Fluorinated reagents, fluorinated agents on anticancer drugs
  • Fluorine nitrogen mixture(5%~30%)F2/N2

    CAS: 7782-41-4 fineness: Fluorine gas99%
    use:Widely used in the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates, the manufacture of chips in the electronic industry, the production of fluorin...
  • carbon tetrafluoride

    CAS: 75-73-0 fineness: >99.999%
    use:Plasma etching in the electronics industry, surface cleaning of electronic devices, decontamination of printed circuits, electrical insulati...
  • Sulfur Hexafluoride

    CAS: 2551-62-4 fineness: >99.999%
    use:Insulation material for high-voltage switches, high-capacity transformers, high-voltage cables and gases. High-purity SF6 is also widely use...
  • Hexafluoroethane

    CAS: 76-16-4 fineness: >99.999%
    use:Versatile etching technology commonly used in semiconductor production. It can be used for metal silicide and metal oxidation
  • nitrous oxide

    CAS: 10024-97-2 fineness: >99.9995%
    use:Medical anesthetics, rocket propellants, racing accelerators, insecticides and sterilizers. In integrated circuit devices, IC cards, LEDs, m...
  • Chlorine

    CAS: 7782-50-5 fineness: >99.999%
    use:For bleaching, making chlorine compounds, hydrochloric acid, polyvinyl chloride, can be used as a gas etchant in semiconductor production, e...
  • trifluoromethane;Freon23

    CAS: 75-46-7 fineness: >99.999%
    use:Used as low temperature (-100℃) refrigerant, electronic industry plasma chemical etchant and raw material for fluorine compounds, refrigera...
  • Silane Argon Mixer(1-10%)

    fineness: SIH4: >99.9999%; AR: >99.9999%
    use:semiconductor industry

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